Sweeping and Powdering Series

TY-102-1 Auto Powder Stainning and Dryling M/C

This machine is mainly connected to the rear part of the refrigerant discharging machine. It can air dry the remaining water on rubber materials after being watered and mangled.
It could be connected to:
TY-107 Electronic type rubber cutting machine (cut into slices)
TY-108 Strip cutting machine (Servo type or mechanical type) (cut into strips)
TY-201 oil pressure automatic feed cutting machine (mold stamping)

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Model Working Width Power Machine Size Measurement N.W./G.W.
TY-102-1 70cm 2HP 120x116x143cm 132x128x163cm 380/420kgs
  • Above mentioned specifications & dimensions be subjected to change,without prior notice.
  • if customers want to order machine models beyond the specification listed be available on request