Cutting Machine Series

TY-107G Servo Feeding Slitting Cutting M/C

1. This machine adopts crankshaft design to increase the power of cutting.
2. The design of cutting angles can cut materials smoothly without any raw edge.
3. The cutters are made of Japanese special steel, which is staunch, unyielding and double-side available.
4. The whole machine is made of movable type platemetals, which convenient the maintenance, safe operation and beautiful appearance.
5. The machineries are equipped with automatic central lubrication systems, as well as waste oil centralized systems. So that the routine inspection and maintenance is easy to perform.
6. The cutting length and number can be set through the touch screen. Completely automatic operation. Error lists available.
7. The feeding rollers are made of stainless materials. Being durable and clean, the rollers can also be intergrated with cladding rubber materials.
8. Servo feeding. Precise cutting with cutting length 1-200 mm and tolerance±0.03-0.05mm. Cutting length exceeded 200mm is available after further discussed.
9. Special equipments are optionally available, such as the board on the discharge port, manual operated oil extractor, automatic oil extractor, the rails on the feeding inlet and other customized design.

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Model Working Width Power Machine Size Cutting length Cutting speed time/min N.W./G.W.
TY-107 G1 61cm(2 foot) 2HP 105x80x150cm 1~200mm 80 410/550kgs
TY-107 G2 76cm(2.5 foot) 3HP 120x80x150cm 1~200mm 80 460/600kgs
TY-107 G3 91cm(3 foot) 5HP 135x80x150cm 1~200mm 80 510/650kgs
  • 各類軟硬質橡、塑膠片、紙類、布類、皮 革切片作業。
  • 可選購特殊配備:出料口盛料板、手動打油器、入料口軌道架等。