Refrigerant Discharging Machinery Series

TY-106-1 Refrigerant Double-Slot type Rubber Discharging Machines
- with Front-Mounted Powder Slots and Water Slots

1.The refrigerant rubber discharging machine with large cooling water tank to increase the cooling efficiency.
2.The conveyor motor and pump motor are set at the bottom of the fore-end and rear-end to facilitate maintenance.
3.Made of stainless steel and aluminium alloy, the machine is sturdy and durable.
4.Cutting machines can be installed when discharging materials. This will simplify the working process and reduce labor costs.
5.This machine can be used together with the Banbury mixer or Kneader mixer for discharging.
6.This machine is specially designed with double slots, the powder slot (anti-stick liquid in it) in the front and the cold water slot (water in it) at the back. This double-slot design makes sure that the circulatory cold water slot stays clean without powders. Therefore, no powder will be inhaled into the refrigerant utensil of the refrigerating machine and block it. The service life of the refrigerating machine will then be guaranteed.
7.Discharging wheels are optionally available, you can use rubber wheel, bibulous sponge wheel or sweeping brush wheel.
8.As a combined type machine which can be lined with TY-101 or TY-107, the machinery can refrigerate, mangle dry, powder and cutting the rubber matrix, or discharge roll materials directly.
The working widths of machines are optional available.
/ TY-105-1 Working widths 80cm
/ TY-106-1 Working widths 90cm

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Model Working Width Power
TY-106-1 90cm 3HP
Machine Size Measurement N.W./G.W.
390x125x153cm 402x140x173cm 1150/1325kgs
  • Above mentioned specifications & dimensions be subjected to change,without prior notice.
  • if customers want to order machine models beyond the specification listed be available on request